AGDM exhibition "In Two Worlds" opens in Munich, its 17th station

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The President of the Bavarian Parliament, Ilse Aigner, opened the AGDM travelling exhibition IN TWO WORLDS on 7th of May 2019 in the Stone Hall of the Maximilianeum in Munich. The President of the State Parliament welcomed the exhibition's view of European togetherness and the cultivation of one's own traditions, free of ideologies. "For a long time, homeland was a political concept of struggle. It is no longer. The megatrends of our time – such as globalisation or digitalisation – have triggered a new longing for home here, too. For a place, where one can find a firm foothold, where orientation and security are provided. How must then people feel, who have struggled for a while for their homeland and thus for their identity? And so this exhibition in the Bavarian Parliament should also be a sign of recognition. It is a sign of recognition for the important work of minorities as bridge builders. Minorities enrich diversity in states. They cultivate their own language. They preserve their own customs. Not in opposition to each other with the majority, but in togetherness. Not as an island of seclusion, but as a closely connected part of a whole."

Prof. Dr. Bernd Fabritius, Federal Government Commissioner for Germans Abroad and National Minorities also welcomed the guests. "With this exhibition, we are giving all critics and skeptics three strong answers as to why the promotion of German minorities is an important goal worthy of support – and perhaps even more so than in the past against the backdrop of current crises and growing mistrust between East and West. The German minorities can build bridges in many ways between Germany and their countries of origin. Who can make a natural contribution to international understanding between Germany and Central and Eastern Europe? In times of increasing nationalism and tensions between East and West, it is invaluable to have self-confident bridge-builders. With this exhibition we are strengthening their backs," said Federal Commissioner Prof. Fabritius.

Gösta Toft, Vice-President of the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), then introduced the exhibition. The exhibition IN TWO WORLDS shows origin and tradition as well as current association activities of ethnic groups of German origin abroad under the umbrella of the Association of German Minorities (AGDM). The number of people of German descent abroad is estimated at more than one million. These ethnic minorities originated in the past centuries through the German colonisation of the East, through targeted emigration movements as well as through border shifts and expulsions after wars, especially the two world wars in the 20th century. History, numerical strength and the regional settlement structure vary greatly from ethnic group to ethnic group.

Few people are aware of the diversity of German life outside Germany. In the exhibition, historical and current focal points show where and in which countries German language, German traditions as well as new ideas for German manifest themselves.

The exhibition can be viewed from 8th to 24th of May 2019 during the regular opening hours of the Bavarian Parliament in Munich. The opening times are from Monday to Thursday from 9.00 to 16.00 and Friday from 9.00 to 13.00. Arrival by public transport: U4/U5 stop Max-Weber-Platz.

Photo credit: Bildarchiv Bayerische Landtag, Photo: Rolf Poss


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