FUEN’s 70 Year Anniversary Congress set to begin on Wednesday in Slovakia

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The Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) celebrates its 70 year anniversary at their 2019 Congress in Bratislava •Pressburg•Pozsony and Dunajská Streda•Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia. The congress of the largest and most influential minority umbrella organisation in Europe takes place between the 12th and 16th of June.

The Congress will provide an opportunity to evaluate the accomplishments of 70 years of FUEN, in the presence of the former presidents of the organisation, and to draft a direction for the minority umbrella organisation for the decades to come. The FUEN Prize is also going to be awarded for the first time to a person who has made a special contribution to peace, the protection of national minorities and the coexistence of minorities and language communities in Europe.

The Congress will also serve as an opportunity to focus on the situation of minorities in Slovakia, the hosting country and also on the minority situation in the Ukraine. The FUEN will also hold internal elections during the Congress regarding its Presidium and other leadership positions.

The congress will be hosted by the Party of the Hungarian Community in Slovakia (MKP) and the Carpathian-German Association in Slovakia.

More informations, including the detailed programme of the congress: https://congress2019.fuen.org                                                                                              


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