Hungarians in Slovakia join in

- Pressemeddelelser - New partners for the European citizens’ initiative

In a meeting between the chairman of the Hungarians in Romania, Hunor Kelemen, the chairman of the party of the Hungarians in Slovakia (MKP), Jószef Berényi, and the chairman of the National Council of the Hungarians in Slovakia, László Szigeti, cooperation was asserted.

The meeting took place in Dunaszerdahely / Dunajská Streda / Neumarkt in Slovakia. It was also attended by Gyula Winkler, Member of the European Parliament.

Both minorities are represented in the European Parliament. That means that the citizens’ initiative for the minorities in Europe – an idea that was started by FUEN and its member organisations RMDSZ and SVP and by YEN – was able to embrace another, important ally.

MKP is The Hungarians in Slovakia will take part in the citizens’ initiative for the minorities in Europe and will join us at the launch this summer where the message will be: collecting 1 million signatures for diversity in Europe.
the party of the Hungarians in Slovakia. In Slovakia there are around 500,000 Hungarians, that is approximately 9% of the total population.

FUEN-President Hans Heinrich Hansen is very pleased with the newest partners in the European citizens’ initiative: “The words of the prime-minister of Slovakia, Mr Fico, badmouthing the influence of the minorities lately, show that we have still a lot of work to do on the European level. With the citizens’ initiative we want to generate solidarity among the minorities, but also pressurise the EU and the member states to support the cause of the minorities”, said Hansen.


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