The annual meeting of FUEN’s Education Working Group starts next week in Brussels

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Members of the Education Working Group of the Federal Union of European Nationalities will meet between 6-8 May 2019 in Brussels for their annual meeting. They will also take part in the United Nations’ European Regional Forum on Education, Language and the Human Rights of Minorities. FUEN is an official partner of the Regional Forum.

The three-day meeting starts at the European Parliament on the 6th of May, with participants taking part in the panel of the Regional Forum entitled "Public policy objectives and practices for education in minority languages". The next day starts with the panel "Effective practices in teaching of and education in minority languages", then the members of the Education Working Group will meet at the building of the European Committee of the Regions to present country reports on the educational situation of minorities in Europe and to share best-practices on projects which promote and teach minority languages and culture. The recommendations of the Minority SafePack Initiative to promote the language, education and culture of minorities will also be presented and discussed on the last day of the meeting.

The first meeting of the Education Working Group of the organisation took place in Flensburg between 28-29 May 2018. 14 organisations were represented at the meeting dealing with the right to education in mother language, the minority school systems and future strategies. Minority education has always been an important issue for FUEN, as the FUEN Charta for the autochthonous national minorities in Europe from 2006 and the Fundamental Right to Education from 2007 show. With the Minority SafePack Initiative, the focus was set again on education.


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