We are hiring! FUEN is looking for a Project Coordinator

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The Federal Union of European Nationalities is looking for a new, motivated staff member. We are looking to fill the position of Project Coordinator for the Working Groups of Non-Kin-State Minorities and Education. We offer collaboration in a European team, sophisticated projects and implementation of new ideas.

The Non-Kin-State Woking Group and the Education Working Group have been under the governing body of the FUEN since 2017. They see themselves as solidarity communities that enable minorities to address specific topics and areas of responsibility that meet their special needs and challenges. To support the activities of the working groups we are looking for a part-time Project Coordinator (30 hours per week) as of 1 September 2019.

If you are interested, please consult our vacancy notice and send in your application before 26 July 2019 to info@fuen.org.


  • Politisk deltagelse
  • Grundlæggende rettigheder
  • Sproglig mangfoldighed
  • Solidaritet med romaerne
  • Det europæiske borgerinitiativ
  • Europæisk netværk
  • Forum for europæiske mindretal / Mindretallernes hus


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