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Asociatia Culturale Lu Istro-Rumeni "Andrei Glavina"

Cultural Association of the Istro-Romanians "Andrei Glavina"

Chairman Emile Ratiu
Via delle Fornaci, 24
I-00165 Roma

+39 06 631986

The Istro-Romanian Association "Andrei Glavina" was founded in 1994 in Trieste, Italy, to advocate for the preservation of the Istro-Romanian language and culture. 

Istro-Romanians are the most Western branch of the southern Romanians or Balkan Romanians, generally known as Istro-Vlachs.

According to UNESCO, the Istro-Romanian language is the most endangered throughout Europe, and it has been included on the Red Book of Endangered Languages.


  • Political Participation
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Linguistic Diversity
  • Solidarity with the Roma
  • European Citizens' Initiative
  • European Network
  • Forum of the European Minorities / House of Minorities


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