Overview Congress 2013


With more than 220 participants, the 58th FUEN Congress that took place in Brixen, South Tyrol from 19 till 23 June 2013, will enter the history books of the largest umbrella organisation of the autochthonous minorities and ethnic groups of Europe. 

During his welcoming speech, the chairman of the Intergroup for National Minorities in the European Parliament, Csaba Tabajdi, was almost euphoric: “today we make history – minority protection in Europe gets a new beginning”.

FUEN President Hans Heinrich Hansen, who not only was re-elected with over 98% of the votes, but who also proved what a talented singer he was at the Cathedral Square in Brixen also looked into the future with optimism. “With the European Citizens’ Initiative we have a historic opportunity to take minority protection in Europe to a new level”, said Hans Heinrich Hansen. He praised the member organisations of FUEN that were present: “with the Presidium and the European Dialogue Forum we elected 14 people who will work in our organs on a voluntary basis – this shows the commitments of our volunteers, and this is an indication that we are a strong civil society organisation”, according to the satisfied President.

The core of the congress was the presentation of the European Citizens’ Initiative – the MINORITY SAFEPACK INITIATIVE and the slogan that goes with it:

“You are not alone. One million signatures for diversity in Europe”

FUEN has set itself the objective of collecting one million signatures within twelve months time. After the FUEN Congress the MINORITY SAFEPACK INITIATIVE will be submitted to the European Commission, which will assess it. In September the action to collect signatures will start!

What will be the next steps (read here)

The Delegates unanimously adopted a Programmatic Declaration. The Declaration summarised the demands of the autochthonous minorities / ethnic groups vis à vis the European institutions and the states. 

Other important topics during the congress were the Autonomy Day with several presentations about different autonomy models in Europe, and the Assembly of Delegates of FUEN, with the elections of the Presidium, the European Dialogue Forum, the admission of three new members and the adoption of seven resolutions.

FUEN thanks the organisers from the South Tyrolean People’s Party SVP and especially the grandiose Language Diversity Team, which supported us in such an awesome way!

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  • политической жизни
  • Основные права
  • языковое разнообразие
  • Солидарность с рома/цыганами
  • Европейская гражданская инициатива
  • Eвропейская сеть
  • Форума европейских меньшинств / Дома европейских меньшинств


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