The Non-Kin-State Working Group’s Annual Meeting starts next week in Romania

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„Media and Digitalisation” is the main topic of the Annual Meeting of the Non-Kin-State Working Group, set to start on 18 October in Constanta, Romania.  

Digitalisation and media open up many opportunities for minority groups, but there are also new challenges associated with them: Which measures need to be taken to offer applications and digital media contents in small languages? Where do the opportunities lie? How can barriers be surpassed? Those amongst other questions are going to be addressed at the three-day meeting hosted by the Arman Community of Romania.

The political participation of minorities without a kin-state will also be a topic of discussion on the first day of the meeting. On the second day minority media projects are going to be presented, strategies are going to be discussed, while the last day of the event is for evaluation. Participants will get the chance to meet the representatives of the Arman Community and to visit their cultural institutions. FUEN President Loránt Vincze and Vice President Bahne Bahnsen will be present at the Annual Meeting.

The Non-Kin-State Working Group was founded by the Federal Union of European Nationalities in 2017 to give minorities without a kin-state the opportunity to discuss their specific concerns and challenges, to find solutions and to develop common strategies for the preservation of their endangered languages and cultures.


  • политической жизни
  • Основные права
  • языковое разнообразие
  • Солидарность с рома/цыганами
  • Европейская гражданская инициатива
  • Eвропейская сеть
  • Форума европейских меньшинств / Дома европейских меньшинств


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